Interview With Scott Rafer of Lookery

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Scott Rafer of Lookery. Lookery is a social media ad network which launched when the Facebook platform launched. Scott and his business partner began building a basic backend to connect the advertisers and the inventory. In contrast to one of my previous podcasts where the ad network was focused on generating the maximum CPM, Lookery focuses on filling bulk inventory.

In turn this means that their CPMs are closer to the bottom than the top but the bottom line is that they can fill inventory and in a world of limitless inventory, that’s an important role. Scott was very straight-forward during our podcast with Lookery’s model of generating revenue and what their business model is.

One of the things that stood out to me during our inventory was that Scott suggests that focusing on trying to target people with demographic data really isn’t working currently and this is something they aren’t focused on. While they do try to provide a basic level of targeting, they are not trying to revolutionized the advertising world with their business model. They simply fill inventory and fill it effectively.

Check out the podcast below to here more about Lookery’s business model and Scott’s thoughts on the future of advertising on the social web.

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