Scott Adams’ (Dilbert creator) Smartphone Challenge Winner Declared. And, It Is… Windows Phone 7

Samsung Focus.
Earlier this month, I noted that Scott Adams, Dilbert creator and cartoonist, took up a challenge from Microsoft’s Brandon Watson (Director for developer experience of Windows Phone 7) to try out a Windows Phone 7 device he (Brandon) would provide for Scott to compare with the smartphones he had complained about in his blog.

Scott Adams (Dilbert) Took Up Microsoft’s Windows Phone Challenge

Here we are a couple of weeks later. And, the results are in from Scott Adams.

Windows Phone Challenge Results

He compared the Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7 to an iPhone 3GS and an HTC EVO 3D (Android). He scored the phones on:

– Call quality: Winner – Samsung Focus
– User interface: Winner – Samsung Focus
– On screen keyboard: Winner – NONE
– Battery life: Winner – (tie between) Samsung Focus and iPhone 3GS
– Apps: Winner – iPhone 3GS
– Intangible coolness factor: Winner – (tie between) iPhone 3GS and EVO 3D

Scott declared the Windows Phone 7 based Samsung Focus the winner based on his scoring system. He added this piece of advice: If you want a smartphone that is easy to use, performs well, has a good battery life, and doesn’t frustrate you, the Windows phone is the best choice of the three options I tested. All you give up is some hipster credibility and access to lesser-used apps.