Scoopr Media wants to reward users for their brand-specific photos

scoopr 650

Ad tech platform Scoopr Media wants mobile users to be rewarded for the branded content they already post to social media. Whether it’s a picture of new Nike tennis shoes or a picture of a Starbucks cup in the morning, social media is full of these branded messages, and users can share them directly with interested brands via Scoopr on mobile devices in order to earn those deserved rewards.

After downloading Scoopr on iOS, users view assignments from companies, which allow them to become brand ambassadors. One current assignment, for instance, asks users to take a photo of people enjoying cookies either inside or outside their homes. Once the image is uploaded and shared with the assignment inside the app, users are then encouraged to share images to five social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+.

By creating and sharing the photo, users can earn real cash rewards (or in our example, boxes of cookies), and are eligible for larger rewards depending on how popular or viral the post becomes.

Brands can track shares and / or retweets via Scoopr’s real-time dashboard, and can access the user-generated photos that have been submitted to license them for their own marketing efforts. The app requires users to create and submit model releases for images containing themselves or other people.

Since the app’s launch earlier this year, Scoopr has been updated to allow users to take selfies and promote those within assignments. Scoopr is available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android and Windows.