Scoble Gets Banned for Plaxo

Robert Scoble has been banned from Facebook. He had been beta testing a new feature on Plaxo that enables users to import names email addresses and birthdays into a Plaxo account. Honestly, there is nothing remotely smart about Robert Scoble’s decision to use this feature. It blatently violates Facebook’s terms of service. Not even applications have access to email addresses.

So should Scoble get his account back? Probably if he stops using the tool he was using but then again so should the countless individuals that have had their Facebook account banned without warning. I have had quite a few people contact me to tell me that Facebook had banned their account and they wanted to know how to get it back. I’m not quite sure what they did but whatever it was they are now feeling the pain of living without Facebook.

So will Plaxo continue with their plans to scrape email addresses, names and birthdays from Facebook? You betcha! Adam Ostrow of Mashable quotes John McCrea, VP of Marketing for Plaxo:

We are a bit stunned by Facebook’s reaction to Robert Scoble’s alpha testing of our upcoming Facebook Import feature. While this development will cause us to have to put some warnings in the UI, we are committed to releasing this really useful feature. It’s time for the social web to open up.

Plaxo should really reconsider their decision. Do you think Scoble is at fault for this?