Schwartzy & Pagana — YouTube Hidden Treasures

If you haven't yet discovered this comedic duo on You-Tube, you're seriously missing out.

If you haven’t already witnessed the hilarious collaborations of Los Angeles-based Schwartzy & Pagana, you’re seriously missing out. Following the likes of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Schwartzy & Pagana are a team of Hollywood reporters that satirize the role of the broadcast journalist.

With their tell-tale reporter’s hats and ever-present coffee mugs, Schwartzy & Pagana review movies and discuss Hollywood social elites, providing comedic relief to the all-to-serious social arts scene.

Infused with energy, spunk, and all the piss and vinegar you’d expect from two twenty-something guys, Schwartzy & Pagana produce weekly movie reviews for LA Today on their “amazing motion picture review show” (now with “Shenanavision 2D,” as their intro boasts).

The team elevate acting and sketch comedy to a whole new level, humoring the interview experience and pulling innocent bystanders into their drive-by comedic exchanges. Be sure to check out their You-Tube videos, especially their snazzy commercial parodies and their off-center interviews from red carpet affairs.

LA Toady named Schwartzy & Pagana “LA’s newest and brightest comedians,” but the two are far too modest to make this claim. Their biography on their website doesn’t boast about their accolades or credits, but instead reads: “Seriously, if you are reading this you have way too much time on your hands,” providing no further information for the interested reader. Instead, the duo invites audiences to familiarize themselves with Schwartzy & Pagana by watching their many You-Tube videos.

Check out their review above for Hall Pass, and keep your eyes on these up-and-coming funny boys – they may just make it to the big times!