Scholars Post Free PDFs in Honor of Aaron Swartz

Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz killed himself last week, just a few weeks before facing trial after he cracked MIT computers and posted millions of scholarly documents from Jstor for free–he could have faced up to 30 years in prison in the controversial court case.

In honor of Swartz’s memory, scholars around the world are posting free PDF copies of their work at the #PDFTribute hashtag. Read more about his life and legacy at this tribute site.

UC Davis professor Jonathan Eisen posted more details: “I should say, sharing your PDFs is not necessarily clearly not enough (the license on the PDF may affect what people can do with them if they feel constrained to follow the law).  It is also critical to think about the level of openness of a paper, but I will save most of the comments on that for another time. What I wanted to do here is point out various ways to share PDFs for people who don’t know how … UPDATE 1/14: See follow up post 10 things you can do to REALLY support #OpenAccess #PDFTribute” (image via)