Schiavo…? Rings a bell…

In all the pomp and Pope-itude of April, the country’s March obsession Terri Schiavo has quietly receded from the front pages and the national agenda. But advocacy group ‘Compassion and Choices’ hasn’t forgotten, and at their “star-studded” benefit on May 19th they want to recognize CNN’s Aaron Brown and the NYT’s John Schwartz and James Estrin, according to today’s Lowdown. Too bad that a little thing like journalistic impartiality gets in the way – Brown declined, “personally and respectfully,” feeling it was “inappropriate to accept the award from an advocacy organization, however worthy.” Ditto the Times, per spokeswoman Catherine Mathis, which is trying to stay squeaky-clean these days. We commend both news organizations for setting an example of care and responsibility in this new ethically-fraught journalistic environment (actually, our cousin at TV Newswer only commends Brown but he’s obsessed with TV).

p.s. We’re glad he is because we totally stole his Aaron Brown pic to go with this entry. Why? Not much wheat with the chaff/baby with the bath water when you search “Aaron Brown” in Google Images. Some of our favorites after the jump.

From left to right: Billy Aaron Brown of ABC’s “8 Simple Rules”; random bearded dude Aaron Brown; Ferris State University champion golfer Aaron Brown (go FSU!); PhD-in-Computer-Science Aaron Brown; Venture Theater Company (and burger aficionado) Aaron Brown; David Gergen, for Greg Gutfeld.