Schedule E-Mails With LetterMeLater

letter_me_laterThere are an abundance of e-mail providers to choose from, each offering a growing number of quality features. However, it’s amazing that the majority of e-mail services do not allow you to schedule e-mails. LetterMeLater is a free service that wants to tell your e-mail service not to bother, they have it under control.The free service (you can even try it before you go through the 30-second registration) lets you write e-mails with your existing e-mail address, and schedule delivery on the date – and at the time – you desire.

I’ve tested the service and there is no indication that the mail wasn’t actually sent through your e-mail provider. In other words, to your recipient, it will be business as usual. They will not be aware that the message was “timed.” Your e-mail appears as the return address.

E-mails can be written in the LetterMeLater editor or through your actual account. This feature has been tested for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, as well as other plain and html mail services.

If you need to invoice clients or send someone a regular reminder, e-mails can be scheduled on a recurring basis. They can also be sent via text message.

Another feature available on the Website is the ability to make your e-mails public. I don’t really see the appeal of this feature, though I will say, if you’re looking to kill some time, toggling through some of the silliness is mildly amusing. All public e-mails can be voted up or down.

To date, 767,884 e-mails have been sent or waiting to be sent.

People are already making the mistake of texting into work sick, how long until they are scheduling e-mails to their bosses too?