SCAM: Tumblr is Not Giving Away a Macbook

I’m a big fan of Tumblr, as many of my friends may know.  I think it’s the best way to save your favorite images, posts or videos in a public place that you can show to your friends.  For instance, whenever my friends or I see a great video, we usually share it around in a video, but since I was able to start my “Videos to Watch with Friends” Tumblr, I’ve been able to easily just keep all my favorite videos in one place and load them up whenever friends are over.  Try it!

That said, I am unhappy to see more and more scams on the site, and one that’s multiplying itself all over the web right now claims that Tumblr will give you a free Macbook.

If you see a Tweet that looks anything like the ones below, then you know you’re seeing the scam.

If you click on the link, or if you end up searching through Tumblr and finding a page like the one in the screenshot below, you should know that this is not part of the official Tumblr blog, and that this is a scam.  Do not click the link, and certainly don’t sign up for anything the link may point you to.

Finally, here is the page the link was taking me to when I checked it out.  Don’t be fooled by this.  As I heard once, it only takes 1 person to click out of 250,000,000 spam emails for it to be profitable for the spammer.  Don’t be the clicker.

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