SayWhat App Lets You Set The Agenda Of A Call

SayWhat is a new Android app that might help you put an end to screening your calls. In the same way that people use email to set up the agenda for phone calls, the SayWhat app lets you establish what you plan on talking about either before or as you are placing a phone call.

The app also lets you see if your contact is available before placing a call, so that you don’t call during a time that is booked on their calendar.

And there is a tone element as well, you can express the emotion of the call by tagging the call requests with emoticons and short messages. So maybe you are calling a work friend, you can set the tone for business or casual.

Here is more from TechCrunch:

Text missives can be chosen from a list of stock phrases such as ‘Hi, what’s up?’ or ‘Getting back you’, which are pigeon-holed into basic categories like ‘work’, ‘pleasure’, ‘casual’ and ‘love’ for quick reference. You can also compose your own missives in real-time within the app so you can respond in more detail.  The point, in the app maker’s words, is to establish “the agenda of the call” before you start doing any actual talking.

(Via TechCrunch).