Get $1/Word for Your Fresh Food Story

Saveur is looking for writers with a taste for tradition, culture and above all else, great food. And its pay rate of $1 a word is enough to make any freelancer’s mouth water.

Dedicated to the idea that the best way to understand a culture is through food, Saveur distinguishes itself by delving deeper into regional cuisines and cooking traditions around the world. In addition to recipes and travel guides, readers get detailed and personal stories that go beyond just food to actually expand their understanding of the world.

“We want to surprise our readers, to provide a genuine sense of discovery with each issue,” said deputy editor Beth Kracklauer. “We look for stories that will move us and stick with us, because they tell us something we don’t know or allow us to look at something familiar in a new way.”

Get detailed contact info for all editors accepting pitches in How To Pitch: Saveur.

Andrea Hackett