Free Web Extension Picks Out The Most Tweetable Sentences From Articles

If you’ve ever wished you could hear the trite phrase “There’s an app for that” in response to the matter of being able to quickly and actionably extract the most tweetable content from an article or post, start counting your lucky stars.

Paul Ford, former web editor of Harper’s, created a free web extension called SavePublishing.

Here’s how it works.

The simple bookmarklet, installable in just a few clicks, makes web content super shareable by highlighting the most tweet-worthy lines in whatever web page you’re reading, and even pulling up a tweet box for you if you’re signed into Twitter.

Apparently Ford initially created it as a joke, but now says he uses it all the time. He told Co.Design,

“A friend described it as ‘turning Twitter into Pinterest for sentences.'”

Here’s the thing, though – technically the tool is only looking for sentences that fit tweets’ 140-character max, including a link to the web page.

But that’s still actually super helpful, especially for tweet differentiation – how many times do you see the exact same worded tweets float by in your stream? That’s because they probably consist of an article’s headline followed by a shortened URL. Which is fine; but you’re much more likely to cut through the noise with a unique snippet pulled from an article.

As Ford said,

“Web pages are weirdly monolithic. Links and URLs are social, but the content you see on a web page is often hard to share.”

SavePublishing is looking to give you an assist with that. Check it out for yourself!

(Image via Shutterstock)