Save Time and Get Smart With Brijit

Attention magazine subscribers! Too many magazines with too little time? Then you need Brijit!brijitIn simple terms, Brijit acts as CliffsNotes for your favorite magazines (and other media), supplying abstracts for those who are too busy to read through every print publication they’re subscribed to. The site’s goal is to deliver the world’s best long-form content in 100 words or less.

The summaries are not provided by the publications, rather by vetted freelance writers who are paid $5 a pop. Now writers who are avid readers have a new potential revenue stream. It’s a win/win for magazines too since they’ll benefit from the click-through and potentially sell subscriptions.

Each summary is rated on a dot system (zero to three) so before you invest the whopping minute it would take you to reads 100 words, you can filter out the junk. Save even more time will a variety of RSS feeds that will deliver these abridged write-ups write to your computer or wireless device.

From Wired to Playboy, the stable of publications represented is on the rise. Brijit is clearly seeking “upper class” advertising. Also, an audience that is too busy to read a full article. If that’s the case, and you’re still reading this, you obviously have plenty of time and are probably not interested. 😉

Read your favorite magazines cover-to-cover (we won’t tell anyone you’re cheating).

Brijit is a privately-owned, angel-financed startup that hopes that fewer words will translate to bigger dollars.