Save Handwritten Notes on Your iPad Wirelessly & Instantly

Ever wish you could transition seamlessly from handwritten paper notes to your iPad?

The Targus iNotebook will let you scribble on your favorite notebook paper and then instantly transfer the notes to your iPad. I love to convert my handwriting to digital text on my tablet, but this $179.99 set takes the whole experience to a new level. As you can see by the video embedded above, the app looks like a ghost writing on your iPad. Check it out:

Easily transcribe and save your handwritten notes to your iPad without special paper. Grocery lists, class and meeting notes, drawings and brainstorms—the iNotebook captures it all in one place. When you’re done, your notes and recordings are stored for fast, easy access on your iPad. Digitally capture everything you write on any standard A5 or 8″5″ notepad. Easily pair your iPad with iNotebook via Bluetooth. An indicator within the app lets you know when the iNotebook is paired with your iPad. Ideas are also captured when your iPad isn’t with you. The sensor in the iNotebook stores more than 100 pages of notes, so that you can transfer them when it’s convenient.

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