Saturday Night Live Laughs at a Diversity Problem Even Scandal Can’t Fix

They say Olivia Pope can “fix” any problem—any problem, that is, beyond the lack of black female comedians on Saturday Night Live.

This week’s Kerry Washington episode was definitely one of the season’s strongest aside from a painful reminder than Eminem can’t lip sync to save his life. The diversity issue mocked in this opening sketch came into focus earlier this month when SNL‘s two black stars made very different comments: speaking of the showrunners, Jay Pharoah said “they need to pay attention” and cast a strong black female performer, while Keenan Thompson said that the problem is that “they just never find ones that are ready.”

At any rate, we appreciate the show’s willingness to laugh at the fact that its new additions are a bunch of schlubby white guys:

So Pope can’t show SNL‘s runners how to overcome their diversity problem. But based on this sketch we think she might be able to show Twitter’s executives how to make a decent joke about theirs.

Also: after watching Thompson try to keep up with Pharoah in a few sketches, we have a pretty good idea where Lorne Michaels should start cutting next season.