SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Launches on iOS, Android

Zombie Assault 4Game developer and publisher Ninja Kiwi has announced the launch of SAS: Zombie Assault 4 on iOS and Android devices. The latest installment in the zombie shooter franchise introduces a new class system, and offers what Ninja Kiwi calls “an unprecedented level” of character customization to players. The game takes players to the distant future, to a planet overrun by a virus outbreak. Players can experience the game through single-player story missions, or join forces with others in the up-to-four-player multiplayer mode.

As users begin SAS: Zombie Assault 4, they’ll create their first character in one of three classes: medic, assault or heavy. There are 19 skills available for each of the three classes, and over 160 weapons and armor pieces to collect in all. Many of these weapons and gear pieces can be upgraded as well, with elemental protection boosts, increased maximum health stats for the user, and many others.

In each level of the game’s campaign, players use a virtual joystick for movement, and another for aiming. Players can tap on a button to purchase high damage rounds for their weapons, another to purchase or toss grenades at enemies and so on. Environments may be littered with obstacles that block the zombies and other monsters from attacking the player (or at least buy the user some time), and players can pick up free items, like extra health, that may appear while playing.Zombie Assault 4In the game’s multiplayer mode, users can team with up-to three strangers and take on lengthy missions with all players on the screen at once. Here, the game keeps track of each player’s health on the side of the screen, so medic players can focus on healing teammates, for instance. At the end of these multiplayer matches, users can view stats for which player killed the most enemies, had the least deaths, and more.

The game offers 17 enemy and boss types that evolve in their own ways over time. Players earn experience points as they complete missions, with 100 levels of player progression available at launch. Each time players level-up, they receive skill points that can be spent on general or class-specific upgrades. These general upgrades may reduce weapon reload time or increase the player’s movement speed, as examples, while a medic has access to things like free med kits and boosted thermal and chemical armor stats. Some of these upgrades apply not only to the player in question, but also to nearby teammates when playing cooperatively.

While free-to-play (and ad supported), users can purchase premium Strongboxes with real money. These boxes may contain weapons or random pieces of armor. Users can also purchase currency that can be used to unlock upgrades, as well as combo packs that may instantly level up the player, give them grenades, currency and more.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is also available to try for free on the Ninja Kiwi website.