Sara Lee Campaign Gives Facebook Moms Problem-Solving Advice

Early this week, packaged food company Sara Lee began a campaign to try to reach moms on Faebook, posting what it calls “Saga Solvers” videos to its Page. The videos offer tips to help alleviate the everyday trials moms face, which Sara Lee has been collecting as part of an earlier Mama Saga campaign. Facebook users viewing the videos will also be able to share the videos or suggest the page to friends from the video tab on the Page.

The Mama Saga campaign began last September and collected some of the more common problems faced by mothers. The Saga Solvers series is now calling upon three experts who will give their advice on ways to make motherhood a little easier, as well as help bring a little light-hearted humor into moms’ everyday routines. Sara Lee is also encouraging fans to chime in on how they’d handle the various situations. The first series of videos will run for six weeks and feature advice from Food Network personality Ceci Carmichael. Subsequent Saga Solvers will be announced as the campaign moves forward.

All the Saga Solvers videos are under the video tab on the Sara Lee Deli Facebook page, and all feature some reference, whether outright or subtle, to Sara Lee deli meats. Administrators are also doing a good job of promoting the campaign through wall posts — so far, the videos have about 200,000 views on the Facebook page, while the overall fan page has more than 23,000 followers. Sara Lee is also promoting the campaign through other video sites like Yahoo! Video and Metacafe, with total views topping more than 2.5 million since the launch of the Mama Saga program.

While we don’t have the exact number of women on Facebook who have children, we do know that women comprise 56% percent of the site in the US alone. Several mom-focused groups and applications on Facebook, including those using the popular Circle of Moms app, boast some impressive numbers. Interjecting brand awareness into apps and campaigns as Sara Lee has done gives brands a way to open communication lines with consumers and eventually gather important information about who is buying products and how to shape future marketing campaigns.