Santiago? I Hardly Knew Her


We’re absolutely shocked that we missed this, mired as we were in mundane household replacements, but it seems that something of great urban import occurred today in New York. Downtown. Where these towers used to be and then some people flew into them and then for the last four years there’s been a whole lot of discussion and Town Meetings and Pataki and Danny and lawsuits and all sorts of other extremely exciting stuff. During which Calatrava’s just been drawing flying birds and children and turning them into a stegosaurus train station. Which started getting built today. You think we’re joking about the birds. We’re not. From NY1.

Spanish designer Santiago Calatrava designed the building in the shape of a bird in flight. Calatrava was on hand today to help release two doves into the sky as a symbolic gesture.

Because nothing says PATH train like a really confused dove.