SanDisk Looks to 3D Memory

And speaking of flash memory, flash memory disk supplier SanDisk is already looking past it. The company said in a statement that it is already looking beyond flash memory because of anticipated limitations, CNET News reports. Instead, SanDisk plans to implement the “3D” read-write memory technology it acquired with the company’s 2005 purchase of Matrix Semiconductor:

“3D memory chips can store more data vertically, allowing greater densities. While conventional integrated circuits put all active circuitry on the silicon substrate, SanDisk’s 3D architecture deposits multiple layers of active memory elements so that circuitry extends vertically as well.”

That’s geek-speak for “we think this will be the next great thing after flash memory.” Today’s cell phones and portable MP3 players can store plenty of music. But more memory would open up mobile devices to storing higher-resolution video and more complex software, both of which could enable them to act more like miniature laptop PCs.