SanDisk and Yahoo Music Unit to Join Forces

SanDisk announced a partnership yesterday with Yahoo’s Music Unit. SanDisk’s new, wireless Sansa Connect MP3 player will be compatible with Yahoo Music Unlimited, LAUNCHcast Internet radio, and even Flickr Photos. It also works with Microsoft PlaysForSure, the old DRM protocol that Microsoft is abandoning in lieu of the Zune.

Pardon us for not being particularly enthusiastic. SanDisk makes fine MP3 players, as do many other manufacturers. But until there’s a truly compelling reason for iPod users to switch — and it will take more than incremental gadget improvements and a two year old music service — SanDisk remains destined to fight with dozens of other manufacturers over the remaining 26% non-Apple sliver of the market.

SanDisk Partnering With Yahoo Music Unit [AP via NYT]

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