Sandi Krakowski Shares Five Ways to Create Great Content for Facebook Pages

Digital marketing expert Sandi Krakowski shared five tips for creating great content on Facebook in a post on the Facebook for Business page.

SandiKrakowskiSitting650Digital marketing expert Sandi Krakowski shared five tips for creating great content on Facebook in a post on the Facebook for Business page.

Her five tips were:

  1. Map your content: Create a content map so you know at specific times what to post. That way you’ll never be pulling ideas out of thin air. Look around you for inspiration about what kinds of things to post. Go to your local library and pick up magazines related to your business. It’s a great way of seeing what your customers are seeing. Also check out the content that businesses like yours are sharing online. What do you think your customers would find helpful?
  2. Pick what resonates: Many businesses already have backlogs of content that they can repurpose — catalogs, newsletters, research reports, etc. Portions of that old content can sometimes find new life on your page. Pick out aha moments from your content and turn them into text posts. It could be something related to your product, your company culture or something inspirational. Every business has these moments in their content. Pay attention to what yours are and start building content around them.
  3. Create a call to action: Content without a direct call to action is often less effective because if all you’re doing is mentioning your product, you’re not having a relationship with your customers. For example, to get more clients to sign up for an online webinar where I teach them how to sell more products, I include calls to action like “sign up,” along with headlines like “sell more products” and a short description of how I can teach them to meet their goals.
  4. Test your creative to see what works: You might hear people say, “Graphics are the best way to engage,” but I haven’t always found that to be true. Every business is different, so you need to test what works for you. To see how your content is doing, use the page insights at the top of your page. Insights are great because they give you a better understanding of how your page is performing, including who your customers are and what content they’re responding to.
  5. Stay engaged: I manage my page exclusively on the Pages Manager application. The app makes it easy for me to view insights, schedule a post or upload a picture from wherever I am. I do videos all the time on my iPhone, and it’s great to be able to easily upload a one- or two-minute video right into the Pages Manager app and have it go live on my page. It’s a great tool for businesses, because small business owners don’t have time to be in front of their computers all day. The secret to having a great page is to care about your customers and make it inviting and fun to spend time with you. With the Pages Manager app, I can do this wherever I am.

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