Samsung Tones It Way Down for New Galaxy Launch

Samsung Galaxy S IV Debut 1

Call off the brass section

Last week we asked whether tech companies should stop scheduling big events for every upgrade and “new” product launch. The answer was a nearly universal “no”—and Samsung seems to have gotten the message.

The New York Times tells us to expect less “singing and dancing” and more fawning over gizmos as the company introduces the public to the Galaxy S5.

We’re gonna call this a trend because the Galaxy is the second-best-selling smartphone in the U.S., but it may also be a response to the backlash after last year’s Radio City Music Hall event for the S4, which included a full Broadway orchestra, a tap dancing ten-year-old and a “bachelorette” skit that reporters called “excessive”, “tone deaf” and “shockingly sexist.”

This release won’t even take place in the U.S.—Samsung instead chose the Mobile World Congress, running Feb 24-27 in Barcelona. Journalists still got invites and this is still a big event, what with the Mark Zuckerberg keynote and all, but it probably won’t be quite this bad:

Samsung Galaxy S IV Debut

Samsung appears to be taking the “slow and steady” route by releasing product updates throughout the year at trade events; journo invites called it “2014 Episode 1” in a series known as “Unpacked 5”. The new phones also don’t seem to have the sort of glitzy “look over here” updates that earned the brand a bit of criticism the last time around.

This isn’t to say that Samsung won’t be trotting out plenty of newer, fancier stuff; the company also plans to introduce updated versions of its smart watch and tablet as phone sales grow less reliable by the year. They just wont go quite so far over the top.

Sex and the City ripoffs are old hat anyway.

[Pics via Jeremy A. Kaplan/Fox News]

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