Samsung i7500 Android Phone Has Cool Features But is Still Missing a Keyboard

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TechRadar struggled to find…

10 things to like in Samsung’s i7500 Google phone

Some of the 10 items shouldn’t count. For example:

– “It will attract a whole new breed of Android users.” This remains to be seen.
– “O2 could be bringing it to the UK.” This only matters if you are in the UK
– “It was going to be called Capella 7200”. Um, ok.

Of the 10 items, I found 4 to be interesting…

1. It is thin (11.9mm)
2. It has an OLED display. I’ve heard OLED screens have longevity issues (at least the early ones on digital cameras).
3. Its accelerometer is multi-directional
4. It has a standard 3.5mm jack for headphones (vs. that weird thing on the G1).

But, hey, what’s still missing? Oh yes, it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. I really wish smartphone designers would stop copying the iPhone. The iPhone is great. I bought one and like it. But, you know what? It would be a lot better with a half-decent QWERTY thumb keyboard. And, so would the Samsung i7500.