Samsung Galaxy S WiFi Direct Certified

A few weeks ago I wrote about WiFi Direct, which is the new certification for products that use WiFi to directly communicate with other products that support WiFi Direct. The Samsung Galaxy S, which is currently one of the most popular Android phones and is sold by multiple mobile providers, is WiFi Direct certified. As far as I know, this is the first product that has actually been given the WiFi Direct certification. The announcement in October listed specific chipsets that could be used in products to be WiFi Direct certified.

You can think of WiFi Direct as an alternative to Bluetooth, except that it is faster and easier to configure. With communication at standard WiFi speeds, products that can use WiFi direct will be able to quickly transmit large amounts of data. For example, it should be faster to send pictures to TVs that support the standard and it ought to also be able to support streaming video. Imagine starting to watch a movie during a train ride home and then finish watching the movie at home by streaming to the video to your television. I expect that we will see more products announced as WiFi Direct certified in the near future.