Samsung Bigfoot Android Phone Has a Real Keyboard! But, is it Designed for Humans?

Image courtesy of The Boy Genius Report

The good folks at The Boy Genius Report have another apparent scoop…

T-Mobile’s Samsung Bigfoot

They’re reporting that they received a photo (see above) of a new Android-based smartphone from Samsung named Bigfoot that should be available soon. The image looks more like artwork than a photo to me. But, I’m not a photographic expert and that’s not what bothers me. Although I’m really happy to see a new Android smartphone with an actualy physical QWERTY keyboard, look where the navigation pad is: Way up above the keyboard. My HTC TyTn has a similar design and while it is useable, it is not optimal for human hands. Unless you have a really long right thumb (or thumb extender? :-), you need to move it quite a distance off of the QWERTY keyboard to use the navigation pad. This was one thing the T-Mobile G1 got right: Its trackball is in the same horizontal line as the QWERTY keyboard (at the cost of creating a long phone).

So, note to smartphone hardware designers:
1. QWERTY keyboards are good! Keep including them in your designs
2. The keyboard and navigation device (D-pad, trackball, etc.) should require minimal thumb movement and wrist rotation