Salesforce Radian6 Launches Insights to Make Sense of Social Data

Partners include Klout, PeekAnalytics

Like a guy looking at a double rainbow, marketers have been staring at their brands’ social data and asking themselves, “What does this mean?!” The job of CRM giant Salesforce’s social analytics arm Radian6 is to help them find an answer, especially since the volume of social data has skyrocketed from companies dealing with a few thousand social conversations per month to 100,000 or more, said Rob Begg, vp of marketing at Salesforce Radian6. To help brands deal with all the social content being lobbed their way, the company’s built the Salesforce Radian6 Insights in order to siphon social data into a dashboard.

“People talk about Big Data kind of loosely, but if you really look at the huge volume of social conversations out there, that really is Big Data and it’s real-time Big Data and it’s really hard for companies to be able to find truly actionable and truly insightful content on it,” Begg said.

Rather than just seeing that a consumer mentioned a brand on Twitter, Salesforce Radian6 Insights could show the brand that the consumer is a guy in his mid-thirties living in Oakland interested in aerobics, cloud computing and movies (assuming that consumer had already offered up that information). The product can also determine whether a post expresses positive or negative sentiment, so that a TV manufacturer, say, could see that people who are really into sitcoms don’t care for 3-D TVs but those who like epic series such as HBO’s Game of Thrones are.

Radian6 has partnered with several social firms to offer add-on packages for $60 per month that will further augment brands’ social data. Klout can help a brand see what social influencers are saying and what topics interest them. OpenAmplify and OpenCalais can parse social content’s meaning through natural language processing. Clarabridge and Lymbix can detect and analyze sentiment. PeekAnalytics can measure social audiences. And Solariat can analyze intent.

Bolstering the Insights dashboard will be the 400 million-plus daily tweets that Radian6 now has access to as part of a deal made with Twitter last month. In addition to Twitter and Facebook content, Radian6 pulls social data from 250 million sources that span blogs, posting forums and article comments.

Insights has been in a limited release for the last three months with a number of customers from retail, consumer packaged-goods, not-for-profit and high-tech industries, said Begg. Salesforce Radian6 customers can also access Insights through the company’s iPhone app to view influence, trending topics and demographic data.