Salesforce Buys Social Media Monitor Radian6 to Bring Brand Mentions Into CRM

Industry leading social media monitoring company Radian6 has been acquired by customer relationship management, customer service, and sales enterprise cloud computing giant Salesforce. Radian6’s technology for culling brand mentions from data streams including public Facebook user status updates, Page updates and wall posts will be integrated into Salesforce’s offering.

Radian6 will continue to operate independently, and customers won’t experience any stoppage of service. The acquisition for $326 million in cash and stock will help Salesforce upsell Radian6 clients, who include Microsoft, Comcast, and Pepsi, to packages where brand mentions can be efficiently linked to customer profiles. Radian6 will be able to more rapidly iterate on its products thanks to Salesforce’s immense resources.

Radian6 taps into the Facebook Graph API, allowing it to pull any updates of users with “everyone” privacy settings, as well as mentions on Page updates and user posts to Page wall posts walls that are always public. It can also track Likes to Open Graph websites. Radian6 can’t access any user content with restricted privacy settings, or comments on Page wall posts.

Brands popular amongst more Facebook-savvy users who’ve engaged the site’s privacy controls may therefore be missing a lot of their mentions. However, when the public Facebook data is combined with monitoring of Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more , it can produce a rough aggregate impression of a brand. Radian6’s Engagement Console, released last year, allows clients to tag specific mentions and assign employees to respond.

As more of the world adopted social media, Salesforce needed access to Radian6’s data to help its clients identify potential sales targets or brewing customer service problems. In the summer of 2009, the two companies began an integration allowing social data to be transferred from to the other. Salesforce already has its own Facebook monitoring tool within its Service Cloud product, as well as the Faceconnector app for pulling personal Facebook info into CRM. Still, it seems the integration with Radian6 was so popular and core to Salesforce’s business that it decided to acquire the company.

Social media monitoring and CRM is an important of successful Facebook brand marketing, as Pages need to know what kind of content will resonate with their fans in Page updates and ads. Now brands looking for monitoring services to improve their marketing will be one step away from Salesforce’s cloud app hosting, sales, service, and communication products.