Ryder Cup Reverses Selfie Ban

Event organizers take back their decision to ban social media at golfing event.

ryder cup

Do over! The Ryder Cup, a golf tournament held every two years and hosted by the PGA of America and the PGA European Tour, has apparently reversed their earlier decision to ban social media and selfies during the event.

“We want people to share their stories online and feel part of the Ryder Cup,” said match director Edward Kitson in a release. “Selfies are positively encouraged and I expect to see plenty of them during the event.”

Audio and video recordings will still be prohibited during game play, but event organizers say they’ve planned interactive activities around the course that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to allow spectators to access social media through a “special wristband.”

With over 250,000 people expended to attend the six-day Ryder Cup festivities in Scotland later this month, we’re glad the event organizers have had a change of heart. Golf always seems to be the latest adopter of progressive ideas, but trying to prevent that many adults from using their phones at a sporting event would one of most frustratingly silly “get off my lawn” moments ever.