Rupert Pole, Lover of Literature, Dead at 87


Today’s LA Times has a fascinating story by Elaine Woo about Rupert Pole, who was the husband and literary executor of diarist, sex goddess and Women’s Studies favorite, Anais Nin.

Pole was Nin’s second husband, although she never got rid of the first one. He published the uncensored versions of her diaries, Journal of Love, and was working on another volume when he died earlier this month at his home in Silver Lake.

According to the story,

the night she met him, Nin, who was 44 to his 28, wrote in her diary: “Danger! He is probably homosexual.”

But the aptly named Mr. Pole turned out to be straight as an arrow, and so they lived happily ever after. Except of course, for her other husband.
Are there any lit. figures living on this scale today? Sigh.