Rupert Everett’s Life With Divas


FBLA spent the weekend reading Rupert Everett’s riveting tales of life with Hollywood’s leading ladies. The Daily Mail is running excerpts from his autobio, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins.

Among other fascinating little gems–

He had an afffair with the late Paula Yates, while she was married to Sir Bob Geldof,

Julia Roberts was a little freaked out by Cameron Diaz while making My Best Friend’s Wedding, and

Sharon Stone is barking. Telling Rupert about her big scene in Casino, she said:

“There was a pinkish mist over me” Sharon continued. “Everyone saw it. And it’s happened again on this film. This could be the last time we speak, you and I.” This girl was stark raving mad. I was scared of her.

We can’t wait for the next installment. Why don’t our newspapers publish this sort of thing?