Rude Questions for Red Ken

While Tony Blair has been visiting California and charming everyone in sight, our other visitor from England is somewhat neglected. “Red Ken” Livingstone, the Mayor of London, has been scampering around like the odd pig in the litter at the photo-ops. The BBC reports put Ken front and center, but the local press is mysteriously uninterested in the colorful politician.

If Ken’s had a press conference, FBLA wasn’t invited. We’d love to ask him how he likes the weather, did he go to Disneyland, and oh, yeah–any advice for Mel?

But that would be rude, as last March, Livingstone shot from the lip as a follow-up to his previously ill-considered remarks to Jewish journalist Oliver Finegold in February 2005.

And it would be equally rude to point out that Mel was drunk and had apologized, albeit via a publicist, but Ken was not and has not.

The Times today has a side-bar on some other entertainment types who’ve sinned and been forgiven (minus Halle Berry and R. Kelly–both Sitrick clients), but politicians who’ve been bad/dumb would take a special edition.

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