RotrBlog Redesign Dedicated To BarCamp Baltics

New, better design for RotorBlog is up and running.


Last time I redesigned this blog in 1st May last year when blog turned one year old. It was also important because I participated in 1st may reboot event and we, together with other Latvian bloggers, had pretty interesting and notable local event/party. After that I decided to redesign Rotor every year in 1st May as we thought to stick to this tradition and redesign our websites together with others all over the world. But now you can see I have changed my mind and launched new design already.

There are several reasons why I did this. First one is that the previous design was old. Yes, I didn’t like it anymore and I wanted to come up with something new to add more solid look to the blog.

Second reason is that I redesigned Rotor last year because of 1st May reboot event. This event, I think, was pretty important to the Latvian blogosphere and I wanted to participate. So, this weekend we have one much more important event – BarCamp Baltics 2008! So, I decided to launch new design right now and dedicate it to the Barcamp event as I think the event will be just great and will shake the web industry people in this region. I will try to write couple posts about what’s interesting will happen here these days in Riga so stay tuned!

Also it would be very nice to hear your thoughts about now design so feel free to add your comments below!