RotorBlog – Made in Latvia

Checking out RotorBlog stats of last week I have noticed that my blog received many visits from, which is Malaysian blog – what’s so special about that? I receive many links from other sites too. The difference is that have been published top of the most influential blogs of Malaysia and is also mentioned there!


Actually I’m not a Malaysian blogger at all – I have born and live in Latvia. I don’t nothing against Malaysia but I need to say that I can’t be one of influential Malaysian bloggers, but it is a great honor for me and my blog. I think that for my blog readers it will be like quality mark, which shows that is known and have influence in countries all over the world. Speaking about rankings an tops – now I know that I own one of most influential blogs of Malaysia, and one blogger from Latvia have made top of Latvian blogs, based on Technorati rankings, and in this top I have second place (very proud), which shows that I made a nice run in less than a year – from absolutely nothing to recognition in different countries.

Now I’m thinking how could such mistake appear? Yes, I know several Malaysian bloggers and I even read some of them more or less regularly – for example LiewCF (writing crap lately). I have also link exchange with some Malaysian blogs (Hot-screensaver), my blog theme is made by Alex Allied and maybe that’s why I look pretty Malaysian 🙂

In the end, one more time I want to say that I’m glad to be owner of one of the most influential Malaysian blogs, but to be associated with Latvia is a biggest honor for me.

P.S. I promise to add “About Me” page to my blog to avoid such mistakes in future 🙂