Root, root, root for the home team

Orange you glad I didn't say banana.jpgGood stuff on the mothership this week, people. I feel compelled to point it out: Joel Keller reminisces fondly about TVGuide, but knows you can’t go home again; Michelle Orange, whom I’ve never met but with whom I feel a certain affinity because nothing rhymes with our names, has a dare I say sassy piece on the givingest gifts of Jane Pratt ; and Molly Sims reminds you that when you’re applying to Google, you should be prepared to be Googled (but not, necessarily, to Google, ’cause they’re not so down with that, smartass). Also, I crack up every time I read one of my brother in bloggery’s hilarious, earnest posts at FishbowlLA about the upcoming MB West food writing class. He makes me want to take it and I store my microwave on my stove! (Yes, gentlemen, I’m quite a catch). Check them out here, here, and here. In other news, I just noticed that Michelle Orange’s author bio says she’s from Toronto? Are you the same Michelle Orange who used to tear it up on the U of T law women’s football team with me, at least until I broke my arm intercepting a pass/tripping over my feet? Either way, I knew I felt a bond! Come say hi, our names rhyme.