Rooster App Manages Reading Time for Busy Book Lovers

Busy book lovers who find it challenging to complete long novels may have a new reading app in the near future. The app, Rooster, helps you schedule your daily reading by time increments. The app is being developed by Plympton, a digital publishing startup focusing on serialized fiction for digital readers. Plymtpton’s co-founder, Yael Goldstein Love, told Mashable, “So often when we tell people what we do, people say, ‘I wish I had time to read. I don’t have time to read anything longer than a blog post.'”

The app delivers books in small 15 minute ‘installments” – perfect for the average commute. Readers can then schedule these mini-readings daily or as often as needed. The new app is only available as an invite-only, and for now, costs $4.99 per month. This covers the cost of the books you’ll be accessing. Technically, you will not own any of the reading materials the app delivers.

This spring, we’ll be launching a mobile reading app called Rooster to help make reading in short installments a seamless part of daily life, as habitual as checking email or playing casual games. We’ll recommend great books to you every month and then deliver them to your phone — on your schedule.

Our first three titles were part of Amazon’s Kindle Serials launch. Our next titles include both serial novels and digital story collections and will be launched in conjunction with our app. We’re as eager to see more serial fiction out in the world as you are, but please bear with us while we work to make the Plympton experience as good as it can be.