Rogers In Trouble over iPhone Plans

Apple was reportedly so peeved when it heard of Rogers Wireless’ plans to gouge customers with its unreasonable prices for iPhone 3G services that it took a huge chunk of the shipment destined for Canada and diverted it to Europe, according to AppleInsider.

The Web site got its info from a blogger who claims a Rogers rep and several other sources said that Apple is punishing the telco by severely limiting the number of the new handsets it initially gets.

Some 42,000 Canadians recently signed a petition demanding that Rogers lower the fees for the iPhone 3G, which are reportedly about one-third higher than what AT&T is charging in the States. Rogers also intends to demand a three-year contract, rather than the standard two years.

It will likely be an interesting week as the world gears up for Friday’s unveiling of the coveted device. We’ll keep you posted.