RoboBoost: Free App That Promises to Speed Up Your Android Phone & Conserve Battery Power Too

A group of extremely smartphone knowledgeable friends were discussing battery life issues with the various Android phone that they have used in the past and are currently using now. My own experience with a Motorola Droid and Nexus One were a mixed bag. Careful app management, voice call use, and Internet (mail/web) use could generally get the phone through the day. However, the general consensus was that our Android battery life experience had been poor.

So, this free Android app caught my attention with its promise to Speed up your Android phone, and extend your battery life!

RoboBoost – Performance (Android Market)

They claim to achieve this by: Our proprietary resource management technology will help you manage your cellphone’s resources to increase battery life, free up your phones memory and speed up your phone’s applications.

Does it work? I have not had a chance to give it a good workout. However, with 1,890 user reviews, the app has a very respectable 4.1 average rating (out of a possible 5). It may be just the thing to help you keep your Android phone going all day to tweet, update your Facebook status, email and read news.