RIM PlayBook Tablet Getting a Major Update Today (already!): v1.0.3

Frank McPherson discussed RIM’s announcement of Facebooka and video chat apps for the RIM PlayBook tablet.

RIM PlayBook To Get Facebook App And Video Chat

This is part of a firmware update to the PlayBook which was released just a few weeks ago on April 19.

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS v1.0.3 Update – Video Chat, BBM, and More!

The v1.0.3 update will provide the following new features and enhancements in addition to the Facebook app and video chat that Frank mentioned earlier.

– BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Support via BlackBerry Bridge: This enables status updates, photo sharing, and alerts
– Document Editing via BlackBerry Bridge: The lets a person use a PlayBook to edit documents on BlackBerry phone over Bluetooth
– Home Screen Browser Bookmarks

The v1.0.3 upgrade is available for the PlayBook starting today (May 3, 2011). The update must be performed over a WiFi connection and is said to take about 15 minutes to complete.