Riding The Spitzer News Cycle

girl_120.jpgHey there, are you brainstorming with co-workers on how to insert your product/client into the Spitzer news feast currently taking place?

Choose wisely, young grasshopper, for it is a careful chess match when you play with such an explosive story.

One company that surely can attach themselves to this story is Amie Street, the online music vendor where Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s tracks have become a hot seller. Yes, it’s true, Ashey’s tracks have been sold more than two million times on the site, and with Ashley getting $.70 out of very $.98 track, that means she’s already a millionaire! Cue up the email pitch from an Amie Street PR staffer touting this amazing feat, courtesy of Valleywag’s Owen Thomas, who asks, “Who’s whoring who?”

From: “Zane Groshelle” Date: March 13, 2008 12:21:40 PM PDT To: zane@amiestreet.com Subject: Ashley Alexander Dupre’s Music only on Amie Street

I’m sure you are hearing a lot about Ashley Alexandra Dupre and the Spitzer scandal. Ashley is also an R&B singer and her music is exclusively available on AmieStreet.com The songs can only be listened to and downloaded on amie street. As of now, her myspace has been taken down.

Ashley has been an artist on the site since last November, and her music, like all music on amie street, is initially free and priced based on public demand. She has clearly been receiving a lot of attention in the past day, and the songs have risen very quickly to 98 cents on the site. She just added a brand new track this morning.

check out her music: