Richard Nash on Publishing in 2020

Jeff Rivera at our sibling blog GalleyCat continues his series of interviews on publishing in ten years time with a post from former Soft Skull publisher, and outspoken publishing person, Richard Nash. As ever, Nash has some provocative things to say.

First off, he says that five years from now is the new ten years from now: “Most predictions for 2020 that are not actually wrong will happen by 2015 or sooner.”

Nash’s predictions are bolstered by some heady stuff indeed (Nash did go to Harvard…), as well as in a firm disdain for greedy business practices: “Long-form text-only narrative will continue to thrive as it has since cavemen gathered around the fire, just as painting has thrived since Lascaux. The advent of more and richer iterations of multimodal entertainment and edification will not kill off others (either multi or single mode) in the future, just as they did not in the past, though they certainly will kill businesses with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement based on past success in a given mode.”

Nash sees digital and print living together in some interesting ways. Click over to GalleyCat for the full post.