Richard Melo: Digital Writer Spotlight

After publishing a Jokerman 8 with Soft Skull Press, author Richard Melo decided to take his next manuscript to the brand new community writing site, Red Lemonade.

He described the crazy new novel, Happy Talk: “Gun-slinging American student nurses and boozy-New York-playwrights-turned-educational-filmmakers find themselves stuck in the Haiti of 1955 as part of a government plan to pump up tourism and turn the Magic Island into the next Hawaii.”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight feature, recognizing established and emerging voices within writing communities. We feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community writing sites–introducing readers to the world of socially networked fiction.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Happy Talk:

Dry ice fog rolls in from the wings of the stage, accompanied by a piano jazz vamp and murmurs of the backstage chorus ready to take places. Down in the pit, side players fill in the slinky, thumping rhythm. Anticipation builds as tonite’s follies are set to begin.

A follow spot hits the stage front and center. From behind a dark curtain, a man steps out ‘in one.’* He’s tuxedo’d in a top hat and black Inverness cape, smiling like a pleasant rogue and conjuring a dark Peter Pan atmosphere. Here to amuse the crowd, cast in the role of warming up the audience before the real show begins, he sets the stage aglow.

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