Rhinebeck’s Not-So-Secret Festival of Knitters

Every year about now when tree leaves across many parts of the nation turn yellow, brown, gold, and fiery red, knitters migrate. They don’t quite fly like birds, but they universally point their noses (and needles) to the town of Rhinebeck, the site of the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. But the name of this confab is too long for most and everyone who goes simply calls it “Rhinebeck.” The featured breed this year is the Romney, and book signings are on schedule too:Doris Chan, Judith Durant, and a whole lot more fibery folks will be there.

Sufficed to say, most yarn lovers attending make enough contact with barn animals to last them 12 months and leave with enough fiber to last them five years, to insulate their houses and save money on future heating bills. We’d go and do some bonding with these furry critters, but no one’s paying our way, so we’ll just stay put for now.