Revolving Door 08.05.05

Some of these announcements are new and some we’ve mentioned off-handedly earlier this week. Thought as a courtesy, we’d bring everything together in one “August makes people restless” post:

  • Geoff Earle of The Hill newspaper is going to the New York Post’s Washington bureau.

  • has hired Adrian Holovaty as “editor, editorial innovations.” He’s a blogger and web developer at Kansas’ Lawrence Journal-World. He’ll start September 6, and .com employees couldn’t be more excited.

  • Also at, we hear Ryan Thornburg, who has been heading up the site’s national/political/world coverage, is heading over to CQ. A public announcement is forthcoming.

  • Nightliner Hillary Profita will be joining Vaughn Ververs at CBS for the “Inside the Public Eye” project.

  • Continuing Roll Call’s brain drain (which in the last month has included Kenny Day and Mike Grass), Amanda McClements, the author of the paper’s food reviews has left to go free-lance. She’ll continue to write some for the Hill publication in addition to other work and writing her excellent and tasty food blog.

  • Two D.C. employees of the NYT are moving on thanks to a company buyout: Researcher Marjorie Goldsborough and Deputy Editor Jan Battaile are both leaving the Gray Lady. There are other moves afoot there, which we can’t tell you right now. Stay tuned.

And this is just the beginning. August is sure to have some big moves ahead this month.

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