Retrevo: Parents Who Use an iPhone Have More Facebook Friends & Are More Neglectful

Are parents who use an iPhone different from parents who use an Android phone? According to Retrevo’s survey they are in terms of how they approach Facebook.

Move Over Helicopter Parents. “iParents” Are Here.

iPhone using parents use (by inference) Facebook a lot more than all parents (regardless of the type of phone used) or parents who us Android phones. 55% of iPhone using parents reports having between 50 and 250 friends on Facebook while 40% of Android using parents and 38% of parents in general report that range of Facebook friends. The numbers even out for the 250 to 500 friends range with 19% of iPhone parents and 19% of Android parents reporting that range. The differences show up again in parents reporting more than 500 Facebook friends: iPhone (13%), Android (10%), everyone (8%).

Retrevo also report significant differences between iPhone and Droid toting parents in how the vet their children’s dates. 20% of iPhone using parents say they used Facebook to check on their child’s date while only 8% of Android using parents reported the same behavior.

Unfortunately, iPhone using parents also self-report that they are more neglectful that Android using parents or parents in general. 28% of iPhone using parents said they sometime neglect their responsibilities because they are using Facebook or Twitter compared to 18% of Android using parents.