Retail and Food Service Workers Take to Twitter Most Often to Vent (Infographic)

8 out of the top 10 states where people tweet about loving their job are in the western U.S., while people on the eastern side of the country seem to hate their jobs.

There have been rumblings across in the leadership and human resources world about employee engagement being at an all-time low. With less than 20 percent of workers actively engaged, many in the business leadership community have been wondering what to do, yet the answer continues to elude the experts.

Job search site Monster and social intelligence platform Brandwatch teamed up for a different perspective on employee happiness. They analyzed more than one million tweets over the course of a year too find out exactly when and why Americans take to Twitter to express how they feel about their jobs.

According to the study, eight out of ten of the top states where people tweet about loving their jobs are in the western U.S. Unfortunately, those who tweet about hating their jobs live largely in the eastern parts of the country, with Florida, Ohio, the Virginias and Delaware workers seeming to hate their jobs the most.

Location wasn’t the only determining factor in job satisfaction. Indeed, the study suggests that those in the Western U.S. who tweeted about loving their jobs worked largely in technology related fields. Oregon seemed to be a big outlier, in terms of job titles, which included barista and manufacturing.

Among the states with the lowest ratio to love/hate for their work, tech and software related jobs seemed less prominent. In fact, retail and food and beverage industry professionals accounted for 56 percent of those who tweeted about hating their jobs.

To see a breakdown of who loves their jobs the most based on jobs, skills and state, or to see how the love/hate cycle is impacted by the time of year, check out the infographic below.

monster infographic new v13Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.