Restaurant Story 2 Launches on iOS

Restaurant Story 2Storm8’s TeamLava has announced the release of its latest restaurant simulation game, Restaurant Story 2, on iOS devices. The game allows users to run their own restaurant, cooking recipes as they collect the right ingredients. Players expand their restaurant over time, adding new tables, serving counters and other items to meet growing demand.

Players start Restaurant Story 2 with the ability to cook Fried Eggs and French Toast, but this recipe book will quickly expand to include new recipes, ranging from Grilled Cheese and Breakfast Sandwiches to Yogurt Parfaits, Omelettes and more. Players must complete quests to unlock some recipes, and must then collect the right ingredients to actually cook them. Restaurant Story 2 2In the case of items like eggs, bread and cheese (among others), these can be purchased at the General Store across the street from the restaurant. Other items are sold by different merchants, but their stores must be constructed by completing certain in-game tasks. A Seafood Market, for instance, becomes available once players reach level 25. Items in each store recharge automatically over time, so more valuable ingredients may take longer to recharge than something basic, like an egg.

Players can speed up cooking tasks, item stocking and other tasks with premium currency. Real money can also be used to unlock restaurant expansions, instead of waiting and spending coins. It’s worth noting the game gives players free premium currency for completing in-game achievements, like unlocking recipes in bulk (for instance).

For social features, players can visit other players’ restaurants and leave tips on their tables to increase their social rating. Players can view their own stats within the game’s menu, which keeps track of this social rating, as well as the total number of dishes cooked, among other data.

Restaurant Story 2 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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