Resource Interactive: The Oscars Actually Did Win Social Media Gold

Digital marketing agency Resource Interactive, has taken a subjective look at the Oscars as well as the brands that advertised during the ceremony broadcast to assess whether they successfully integrated digital elements into their audience experiences.

According to Resource, JCPenney, Miracle Whip, and Gillette Venus were among the better of the 12 advertisers for the evening. They used the occasion to launch ad campaigns and tried to drive traffic to the Web, encourage online voting, or use their ads to direct consumers to their Facebook page. Still, the increase in the number of “likes” or new Twitter followers was relatively small.

For the Oscars themselves, however, the use of social media and a variety of platforms did lead to audience engagement.

“Hosts engaged with viewers through Twitter and there were multiple apps available that provided exclusive content,” Resource’s executive director of the experience design and development team Mila Goodman said in a statement. “On occasion, technology couldn’t keep up with viewer demand, but the Oscar’s definitely had the strongest call to engagement.”

According to a Resource spokesperson, the firm used a list of eight questions, including “Did the ad have a digital call to action?” and “Was there a way for consumers to engage with the brand during the event?” to determine which brands had what level of success. However, there wasn’t a point system or other quantifying measure taken.

Any thoughts?