Reprise Media Teams Up With Visible Measures

Search advertising specialist firm Reprise Media has tapped the upstart video analytics firm Visible Measures to provide enhanced data for clients that produce video content for the Web.

Reprise, which has expanded its capabilities in the social media realm, said it plans to use Visible Measure’s technology to track how Web users respond clients’ video and where those videos ultimately travel. For instance, the company says it can measure how often select videos are viewed, when they are shared and how frequently they are commented on by users on over 150 different video sites.

That sort of information is becoming more useful, according to Reprise officials, as more clients look to tap into the social nature of the Web by using video—whether by attempting to create viral hit or improve their rankings on search engines. 

“For our team, the addition of Visible Measures data adds another layer of incredibly useful insight into the viewership of our clients’ online videos: how users are engaging with, sharing and distributing them beyond the initial view,” said Dan Kashman, Reprise’s senior vp of business development.