Report: Nike and a grandma are skyrocketing on Instagram

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Socialbakers, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, took a look at the top-performing brands on Instagram, finding that Nike was the fastest-growing company in April, but an 80-year-old grandma is also a force on the photo-sharing platform.

On the brands side, Socialbakers found that Nike grew by more than 300,000 followers in April, topping the likes of Forever 21, H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas.

instagram-report-apr14-growthHowever, on an even cooler note, an 80-year-old woman fighting cancer saw her Instagram fanbase grow by more than 144,000 followers. Grandma Betty has an account managed by her grandson, who wanted a way to document her life as she fights the disease. The account is a way for her family to fundraise for cancer treatments and show Betty crossing items off her bucket list.

Socialbakers compared one of Grandma Betty’s posts to a post from GoPro, finding that she was able to generate more comments with a smaller fanbase:

While GoPro’s post had many more interactions, the account also had a fan base about 2.5 times as large as Grandma Betty’s at the end of the month. So, Grandma’s best content, which captures her appeal and her product in a simple setting, was actually the more engaging post. Notice also how much more people were commenting on Grandma’s post compared to GoPro’s – almost twice as much, and more than 4× what you would expect given the two posts’ total interactions and the size difference between the two pages’ fan bases. This points to how much time people spent engaging with this content.

Socialbakers also checked out the most-used hashtags by brands, showing just how international Instagram is.


Some other findings from Socialbakers’ April report:

Top 5 brand categories by engagement rate

  1. Household goods (6.28 percent)
  2. Airlines (5.99)
  3. Auto (5.86)
  4. Fast-moving consumer goods (5.67)
  5. Sporting goods (5.18)

The top brand on Instagram, in terms of followers? Victoria’s Secret.

Image courtesy of Jeremiah Warren on YouTube.