Report: Measured In Pageviews, Facebook Is 11 Times Larger Than MySpace

An interesting statistic provided in a report by Pingdom earlier today, shows that Facebook now generates over 10 times as many pageviews as MySpace, bringing in a whopping 260 billion page views per month. The latest numbers were surfaced using the Google ad planner which provides traffic estimates for practically every site on the web. When comparing other social networks in terms of page views, there is no longer any comparison between Facebook and other sites on the web.

Also, Twitter supposedly has twice as many page views as LinkedIn, but a fraction of Facebook’s. Unfortunately the page view model of measurement will eventually become useless as Twitter has millions of monthly updates from third-party applications, and Facebook Connect continues to move users off the site. FriendFeed is barely a blip on the radar in comparison to Facebook, and will probably stay that way as the FriendFeed team is now working at Facebook.

While user levels are completely different, Facebook is clearly handling a massive server load as hundreds of millions of users descend on the site daily. It would be interesting to see how Google stacks up in these statistics. Facebook also has almost 4 times as many monthly page views as Yahoo! This isn’t exactly breaking news though. Facebook users are known for browsing over 50 pages each day (with outliers viewing far more pages daily).

User growth is ultimately a more important metric when measuring Facebook’s long-term growth, but for now, it appears that there’s practically nobody that can compete with Facebook’s massive inventory of page views.

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